Monday, January 18, 2010

Sky Angel Vol. 1 - Hiyori Shiraishi

Sky Angel Vol 1 JAV Uncensored (Hiyori Shiraishi)

The legendary Hiyori Shiraishi makes her appearance on Sky Angel. Without a doubt she deserves to be called an angel, after all, she isn't a legend for nothing. In this movie, you can expect a lot of Hiyori from A to Z, you can even enjoy her first scene ever with glasses on! Anyone with the specs appeal fetish ough' to check it out, especially if you like Hiyori as well! This totally uncensored movie is highly recommended even if you don't normally watch Japanese AV movies. Two cocks way up!

Chapter breakdown: Hiyori fucking her teacher for helping her out, Hiyori fucking her students as a teacher, Hiyori in a maid's uniform fucking her master, Hiyori fucks to cure the common cold and Hiyori fucking for the camera!

無修正でひよたん、完全攻略!まさにひよりワールド集大成のこの作品はファンなら絶対避けて通れないコレクションと呼んで過言ではないだろう。ピチピチボデイのひよりちゃんが眼鏡フェチ君にも対応の痴女教師と化して生徒を誘惑。セーラー服を着てのおしゃぶり奉仕、全裸にエプロン着用の足コキ、顔面騎乗、パイズリのpフルコースを味わい、男目線でひよりちゃんが真昼間から御奉仕ラブラブHはパイズリ、フェラ!看病してもらうのもやっぱりひよりちゃんをおいて他にはいない、介抱して貰って、お礼に肉棒注射を炸裂のガチンコファック。5シーン 多彩なプレイ内容になんといってもひよりちゃん。やっぱりよすぎる

Starring:       Hiyori Shiraishi
Studio:     Sky High Entertainment
Series:     Sky Angel
Genre:     Japanese, Japanese Review, Trailer, Xonair Magazine, Fishnet Stockings, Glasses, 2008 Year End Sale, A-List Porn Stars
SKU#:     10041174
Release Date:     12/15/2004

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